Set up the Snyk Webhook

You will set up the Snyk Webhook using the Snyk API v1 including the built-in console.

To set up the Snyk Webhook, follow these steps:

  1. Copy your Organization ID from the Organization settings in the Snyk Web UI.\

  2. Get your organization admin API Token from the Snyk Web UI, either from a Service Account or your own account.\

  3. Switch to Console in the Snyk API v1 and add your organization ID as a parameter.\

  4. In the Headers section add your Snyk API key to the Authorization.\

  5. In the Body section add your values { “url”: “value-of-your-public-url”, “secret”: “value-of-your-lambda-secret-environment-variable” }\

  6. Click Call Resource.

With this request done, your connection from Snyk to Slack will be completed. Every time there is a new vulnerability, you will get a new notification.

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