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The list of options and some examples for GitLab

The following options are available for the snyk-scm-contributors-count gitlab command:

  --version                 Show version number                        [boolean]
  --help                    Show help                                  [boolean]
  --token                   GitLab token                               [required]
  --url                     [Optional] Your GitLab host custom URL. If no host was provided
                            it will default to
  --groups                  [Optional] Your Gitlab groups names to count contributors for 
                            *note* for sub-level groups, provide the lowest level group name                                             
  --project                 [Optional] Your GitLab project path with namespaces to count contributors for
  --exclusionFilePath       [Optional] Exclusion list filepath
  --json                    [Optional] JSON output, required when using the "consolidateResults" command

Before running the command

Get your GitLab token or create a new one with this guide.

Note: Make sure your token has read access to the repos.

Running the command

Consider the following levels of usage and options:

Usage levels

  • To get commits for all groups and their projects in GitLab, provide the GitLab token (and server url for GitLab Enterprise):

    snyk-scm-contributors-count gitlab --token TOKEN --url URL
  • To get commits for some groups and their projects in GitLab, provide the GitLab token and the group names, separated by a comma:

    snyk-scm-contributors-count gitlab --token TOKEN --groups GROUP1,GROUP2

Note that for nested groups, you need to provide the lowest level group name, for example, for TopLevelGroup/MidLevelGroup/LowLevelGroup provide only "LowLevelGroup" with the --groups flag

  • To get commits for a specific project in GitLab, provide the GitLab token and one group name and one project name:

    snyk-scm-contributors-count gitlab --token TOKEN --groups GROUP --project PROJECT


  • To exclude some contributors from being counted in the commits, add an exclusion file with the emails to ignore(separated by a new line) and apply the --exclusionFilePath with the path to that file:

snyk-scm-contributors-count gitlab --token TOKEN --projectKeys ID1,ID2,Path1/Namespace1 --exclusionFilePath PATH_TO_FILE
  • To set the output to json format, add the --json flag:

    snyk-scm-contributors-count gitlab --token TOKEN --json
  • To run in debug mode for verbose output, prefix withDEBUG=snyk*:

DEBUG=snyk* snyk-scm-contributors-count gitlab --token TOKEN --url URL --exclusionFilePath PATH_TO_FILE --json

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