Snyk User Documentation
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Introducing Snyk Understand Snyk functions, scope and core concepts.
Getting started Start running Snyk products in your environment.

Snyk Open Source Find and automatically fix open source vulnerabilities.
Snyk Code Find and fix vulnerabilities in your application code in real time.
Snyk Container Find and fix vulnerabilities in container images and Kubernetes workloads.
Snyk Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Find and fix misconfigurations in Terraform, CloudFormation, Kubernetes, and Azure.
Snyk Cloud Find and fix misconfigurations in cloud infrastructure.

Snyk Web UI Access browser-based scanning functions, view results and show reports.
Snyk CLI Run local scans of applications, containers, and IaC for security vulnerabilities.
Snyk IDEs Use the functionality of Snyk, all in your standard IDEs such as Visual Studio.
Snyk API Tune Snyk’s security automation to your specific workflows.

Snyk training Courses to help you develop fast and stay secure with Snyk.
Snyk support Raise and view Support tickets, and search the Snyk knowledgebase.
Snyk product updates Find out the latest product information from Snyk.
Snyk vulnerability database Our comprehensive, accurate, and timely database for open source vulnerabilities.
Snyk Advisor Find the best package for your next project; search and compare over 1 million open source packages.
Snyk Learn Learn from industry experts via interactive lessons how to understand, fix, and avoid vulnerabilities across a variety of languages and ecosystems.

Free For individual developers and small teams looking to secure while they build. Limited tests.
Team For dev teams looking to build security into their development process with shared visibility into projects. Unlimited tests.
Business Empower developers in an organization; provide reporting and advanced controls to manage teams. Unlimited tests.
Enterprise Standardize dev-first security across the enterprise, with centralized policy governance. Unlimited tests
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