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User Docs

Getting started Start running Snyk to secure your code
Start scanning Start scanning your applications

Connect with Snyk

Git repositories Connect your code repos to Snyk
IDEs Integrate Snyk fully into your dev environment
CI/CD Add Snyk to your CI/CD build pipeline

Scan using Snyk

Scan applications Secure your application: scan native code, open-source libraries, and containers
Scan infrastructure Secure your infrastructure, before and after it is deployed

Manage your Snyk system

Manage risk Prioritize and report on Snyk scan results
Snyk Admin Configure and manage your Snyk system
Snyk API Customize Snyk functions with the Snyk API

More learning resources

Snyk training Courses to help you use Snyk functions
Snyk support Access Support tickets and knowledgebase
Snyk Learn​ Security training and by developers, for developers
Snyk product updates See the latest Snyk product information
Snyk vulnerability DB Our database for open source vulnerabilities
Snyk Advisor Find the best package for your next project
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