Swift and Objective-C for open source

Swift and Objective-C for open source support

Package manager: CocoaPods, Swift Package Manager

Package manager versions: CocoaPods, Swift Package Manager, Swift v3.0 or higher.

Package registry: No single registry, multiple sources including cocoapods.org

Import your app through SCM: Available for CocoaPods

Test or monitor your app through CLI and IDE: Available

Test your app's SBOM: Available, pkg:swift, pkg:cocoapods

Test your app's packages: Available, pkg:swift, pkg:cocoapods


  • License scanning (CocoaPods)

  • Reports

Open source and licensing

Snyk Open Source supports the following package managers.

Package managers / FeaturesCLI supportGit supportLicense scanningFix PRs





Swift Package Manager


The requirements follow.

Swift Package ManagerCocoaPods and Snyk CLI

A Package.swift file must be present for the Snyk CLI to discover the Project. Snyk uses the swift package show-dependencies command to build the dependency graph. Limitations: Supports only Projects using Swift 3.0 or higher. Swift Package Manager supports pre-processing and post-processing. For post-processing, custom commands can add extra dependencies. Detecting such dependencies is not supported.

To build the dependency graph, Snyk examines the Podfile and Podfile.lock files. When working with Swift and Objective-C projects from the Snyk CLI, you can prevent testing any lock files that are out-of-sync by using the --strict-out-of-sync=true|false option.

For details, see Option for CocoaPods projects in the snyk test help.

The following summarizes support for Git import and testing.

Swift Package Manager and GitCocoaPods and Git

It is not possible to scan Swift Package Manager Projects using Git import.

To test your Projects, Snyk analyzes the Podfile and Podfile.lock files.

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