Phase 1: Discovery and planning

Discovery phase steps

General pre-rollout questions

Before starting rollout, here are some initial questions you can ask to assist in planning, as an alternative way of deciding your rollout planning process.

Who's involved?

  • Who will manage and oversee the project?

  • Who will champion Snyk?

  • Who will be the administrators?

What are your goals?

  • Why did you choose Snyk?

  • Why are you implementing it now?

How will your users use Snyk?

How will you provision users, and integrate Snyk with your platforms?

  • Who will need access to Snyk?

  • Who can grant Snyk access to platforms like Git Repositories?

What will you name your Organization?

  • What will you name the Organization in Snyk? The Organization name will be public to all users.

How will you measure success?

  • What KPIs will be tracked?

  • How will you know you’re making progress?

  • Are there key development projects that progress tracking should be aligned with, or at least included to measure progress against?

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