Event Forwarding

Feature availability
Snyk event forwarding integrations are currently available in the Snyk MT-US environment. They will be rolled out to other Snyk Multi-tenant environments soon. If you are a Single-tenant customer, contact your Snyk representative to enable these integrations.
Snyk event forwarding integrations allow you to push Snyk platform events directly to certain products on other platforms, enabling you to set up custom alerting, build your own reporting, trigger automation, and more.

Event types

Currently, Snyk supports sending two different types of events:
  1. 1.
    Snyk issue events - these events are sent when new issues are discovered in a Snyk Project, or when an issue is updated. Each event contains information about the vulnerability or other problem found, including whether a remediation is available.
  2. 2.
    Snyk platform audit events - these events are sent every time a Snyk user performs an action within the Snyk platform. For more information, see Audit logs.
The Snyk issue event type currently does not include Snyk Cloud issues.
The Snyk platform audit event type is available with Snyk Enterprise plans. See Pricing plans for details

Supported integrations

Event forwarding integrations are currently available with the following products: