Group general settings

To view and modify settings for your Group, navigate to Settings and General:

In the Group general settings, you can view and modify the following:

  • Group name: View or modify the name of the group as displayed in the Snyk Web UI.

  • Group ID: View and copy the unique ID for this Group. You will need this ID when using the Snyk API.

  • Session expiration: By default, users are logged out of Snyk after 24 hours of inactivity. You can change the session expiration time for your Group. For details, see Configure session length for a Snyk Group in the user management documentation.

  • Requesting access: Enable to allow users without access to a Snyk Organization to request access.

    • This is possible only for users who have registered with Snyk and are trying to reach the URL of a specific Project in the Organization, such as from a pull request.

    • This restriction reduces the risk of someone guessing the URL of your Organization.

    • The value set is used as the default for any new Organizations but does not override the Requesting access setting for existing Snyk Organizations.

    • For more details, see Enable the Request Access setting in the documentation of requests for access to an Organization.

  • Project test frequency: Set the default test frequency for any new Projects created in this Group. Note that Changing the Project test frequency setting will not affect the default test frequency of Snyk Infrastructure as Code or Snyk Code Projects. The default for both of these is weekly.

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