Supported languages, package managers, and frameworks

Note: The language pages are being restructured and updated on June 22 and June 23. The open source and code analysis details have been moved to each language page.

Code analysis (Snyk Code)

The pages for code analysis support provide details about fully supported frameworks and features for Snyk Code.

Snyk supports Apex, C++, Go, Java and Kotlin, JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, Swift, TypeScript, and VB NET. Interfile analysis is available for all languages supported except Ruby.

Open source and licensing (Snyk Open Source)

Before testing your Open Source Project for vulnerabilities, with limited exceptions, you must build your Project. For details, see Open Source Projects that must be built before testing with the Snyk CLI.

The pages for open source support provide details about fully supported package managers and features supported for Snyk Open Source.

Snyk supports Bazel, C.C++, Dart and Flutter, Elixir, Go, Java and Kotlin, Javascrpt. .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Swift and Objective-C.

Open source policy

For information on managing dependencies and vulnerabilities from your developer workflows through the use of policies, see the following:

Open source license compliance

To check compliance for open source licenses, see Snyk License Compliance Management.

Snyk CLI

To use the Snyk CLI:

CLI for code analysis

To start testing your code using Snyk Code, open your repository in a terminal and run snyk code test.

For information about customizing test options, running other commands, excluding directories and files, and viewing and exploring the results in different formats, see the following:

After you have run snyk code test, you can:

Snyk CLI for open source

Ensure you have installed the relevant package manager and you have included the relevant manifest files supported by Snyk before testing.

To test your open-source Project for vulnerabilities, run the snyk test command.


For integrated development environments, see Snyk IDEs.

If you use continuous integration/continuous delivery workflows, you can scan with Snyk based on the integration with your automation software.

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