Project attributes

Project attributes are static and non-configurable fields that allow you to apply attribute values to a Project by selecting from a predefined list of values. After you have applied attributes, you can remove them from a Project as needed.

Use attributes to group, prioritize, and filter Projects. Use attributes such as lifecycle stage, business criticality, and environment to prioritize issues at a granular level. After you apply attributes to Snyk policies, you can assign policies to Projects that have those attributes applied.

Available attributes and their values

On the Projects listing, use Group by none (ungrouped) for optimal Project visibility and to apply tags and filtering attributes at the Project level.

The available Project attributes are summarized in the following table.

AttributeAttribute options

Business criticality Note that When Risk Score is enabled, the Bussiness Criticality attribute automatically affects the score according to the highest attribute level. Learn more in the Risk Score docs.

  • Critical

  • High

  • Medium

  • Low


  • Frontend

  • Backend

  • Internal

  • External

  • Mobile

  • SaaS

  • On-Prem

  • Hosted

  • Distributed

Lifecycle stage

  • Production

  • Development

  • Sandbox

You can apply attributes to Projects and remove attributes using the Snyk API v1 endpoint Applying attributes.

You can also apply and remove attributes using Snyk CLI options, --project-business-criticality, --project-environment, and --project-lifecycle. Refer to the CLI commands and options summary for the commands that support these options.

Organization admins can add an attribute to a Project. However, only Group admins can modify Project attributes in cases where attributes match a policy, because policies can only be managed by Group admins.

Apply an attribute value to Project

  1. On the Project detail page, click the + icon below the attribute for which you want to apply a value to the Project.

  2. Select a value from the list.

After you have selected a value for the attribute, it appears on the Project detail page. You can apply multiple values for an attribute and multiple attributes to a Project.

Remove attribute value

  1. Select the attribute with an applied value that you want to remove from the Project.

  2. Click the x icon for the value you want to remove.

The attribute value is removed from the Project.

Filter by attribute values on the Projects listing page

On the left of the Projects listing page, when Projects are grouped by none (ungrouped), select the values for the attributes that you want to filter Projects by.

When you filter by multiple values on a single attribute, Snyk returns a list of Projects to which one or more of the values in the filter have been applied.

When you filter by multiple attributes, Snyk returns a list of Projects to which values of multiple attributes have been applied.

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