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Snyk Groups make it easier for you to work in teams. Groups can contain many Organizations, and each Organization can contain many collaborators and Projects.

As part of your onboarding, Snyk will set you up with a Group for your company. You can then add your current Organizations to this Group. If you think your company will need multiple Groups, submit a request to Snyk Support. See Structure your account for high application performance for details concerning multiple Groups.

Group-level options

You can use Group-level options to view Organizations, reports, dependencies, and policies across all of the Organizations in your Group, configure your Group settings, and view all the users in a Group.

Group Organizations

Select Organizations to view all the Organizations you have access to and your assigned role inside each one:

If your Group is set up to let its users join Organizations, you also see a list of all the Organizations in the Group and options to join the Organizations where you are not currently a member.

For a detailed breakdown of user roles and their associated access permissions, see User roles.

Group Reports

Select Reports to view the vulnerability status of the Organizations in your Group in one place as a report:

See Reporting for more details.

Group Asset Dashboard

Select Asset Dashboard for an overview of your application and security controls.

Asset Dashboard is available only with the Snyk AppRisk plan.

Group Inventory

Select Inventory to view, filter, and manage your assets.

Inventory is available only with the Snyk AppRisk plan.

Group Issues

Select Issues to better identify and prioritize your Container, Code, and Open Source issues based on the risk they pose to your application. Issues offer a centralized view of all the issues identified by Snyk with additional asset context.

Issues is available only with the Snyk AppRisk plan.

Group Dependencies

Select Dependencies to view the dependencies and license issues for your Groups:

See Dependencies and licenses for more details.

Group Policies

Select Policies to view the license and security policies for your Group:

See Policies for details.

Group Integrations

Select Integrations to view and configure the available Snyk AppRisk integrations.

Integrations is available only with the Snyk AppRisk plan.

Group Members

Select Members to view users in the Group.

Group members are users who have access to all Organizations in the Group. Users of the Organizations are managed in the Settings of each Organization.

See Manage users in a Group for details.

Group Settings

Select Settings to view and manage Group settings.

See Manage settings for details.

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