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Snyk has several features to help you manage Application Security (AppSec) risk.

Snyk AppRisk

Snyk AppRisk enables Application Security teams to run a full developer security program, covering use cases under Application Security Posture Management (ASPM).

Snyk AppRisk provides:

  • Automated app asset discovery: Continually discover application assets and classify them by business context, ensuring security is in sync with development.

  • Tailored security controls: Define and manage appropriate security and compliance requirements, and verify the correct controls are in place.

  • Risk-based prioritization: Assess risk for each app based on application context and best-in-class security analysis and fix guidance to focus developer remediation efforts on issues that matter most to the business.

Enterprise Analytics

Enterprise Analytics shows the performance of a company's Application Security program.

Metrics are reported for the pillars: Exposure, Manage, Prevention, and Coverage. The breakdown of open issues over time is shown in these categories: Baseline, Preventable, Non-preventable, and Other new.

Customers can find the most serious problems that they must resolve, address those, and look for opportunities to proactively improve in each pillar.


Use Snyk Reporting to track issues and their resolution.

The following reports are available:

  • Issues Detail

  • Issues Summary

  • Vulnerabilities Detail

  • Cloud Compliance Issues

For more information, see Available Snyk Reports.

Risk Score

Snyk Risk Score can help you prioritize your approach to security issues, by providing you with an accurate and holistic understanding of the risk posed by a given security issue.

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