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Snyk Residency Services (hereinafter Residency Services) are remote consulting services that provide Snyk Customers with access to a Snyk expert to assist with the Customer’s configuration and adoption of the Snyk Applications to achieve success long term. Residency Services allow Snyk experts to get to know the Customer’s business and processes to help deliver tailored recommendations for the Customer’s DevSecOps and other key internal stakeholders. The designated Snyk Services Engineer (the “Snyk Consultant”) will work with the customer two (2) days per week for twelve (12) consecutive weeks. Residency Services may be used for a variety of tasks to meet the Customer’s business needs.

Benefits of a dedicated Snyk expert

The benefits of a dedicated Snyk expert may include the following:

  • Improved time to value: Engage with the Snyk Consultant to review the Customer’s existing DevSecOps program and identify potential opportunities to expedite the expansion of the Customer’s existing Snyk implementation to support business requirements.

  • Hands-on knowledge transfer: Work with a Snyk expert to improve operational management and maintenance practices for the Customer’s Snyk implementation.

  • Snyk expertise on demand: The Snyk Consultant will act as a trusted advisor to help the Customer with questions about the Snyk Applications and work one-on-one through any challenges that may be standing in the way of success using Snyk.

  • Performance troubleshooting: Work closely with the Snyk Consultant to help identify and implement performance improvements.

  • Code review and best practices: Interact with a Snyk Consultant to identify opportunities to develop and enhance secure coding practices within your business.

  • Cross functional working: By working with teams across the Customer’s organization, the Snyk Consultant can deeply understand requirements from many areas of the Customer's business and help to translate them to the Customer’s instance of Snyk.

  • Customers who need to augment staff with “hands-on” Snyk expertise to:

    • Eliminate skill and resource gaps

    • Achieve faster ROI

  • Customers who have complex requirements that require a more tailored, higher-touch, approach to implementation and adoption

  • Customers who want to use Snyk Applications to their fullest potential

Residency Services description

Snyk will provide two (2) days per week of remote Residency Services for twelve (12) weeks to assist the Customer with its existing Snyk technology implementation as directed by the Customer. Weeks will usually be consecutive, except where otherwise agreed to by Snyk and the Customer or to accommodate holidays.

Residency Services are designed for Customers who have complex business structures or complex technical requirements. Residency Services activities may include but not be limited to:

  • Working cross-functionality within your business to get to know Snyk stakeholders and what their requirements are

  • Working with your teams to implement Snyk in a way that achieves those requirements

  • Helping to onboard areas of the business (or new acquisitions) into an existing Snyk environment

  • Understanding how Snyk is currently implemented and suggesting improvements in design or workflow to better support your requirements

  • Being an internal trusted advisor for the Customer’s teams to ensure they can get the best out of Snyk

  • Demonstrating how to best make use of Snyk’s API and tools to implement requirements


Product DescriptionHoursCost

Snyk Residency Services

2 days/week for 12 weeks

USD $60,000

The fees for this project will be as set forth on the Order Form, and are a fixed price that will be invoiced in full at the time of purchase and are non-refundable. Hours cannot be rolled over between days and weeks. Snyk Residency Services are pre-scheduled days at the beginning of the engagement and provide an opportunity for up to eight (8) hours of Snyk Residency Services per day.

All Residency Services will be performed remotely. Any onsite time requires prior written consent of both parties, and will be subject to additional fees and expenses to be paid in accordance with Snyk’s Travel and Expense Policy. Residency Services are non-refundable and will expire unless they are scheduled and delivered within twelve (12) months of purchase.

Key assumptions

The following assumptions are reflected in the services outlined in this Residency Services Description:

  1. All Residency Services will be performed remotely using video conferencing software such as Zoom.

  2. The Customer’s Snyk subject matter expert must be available to work remotely with the Snyk expert for the entirety of the engagement.

  3. Residency Services will be scheduled and delivered two (2) days/week for twelve (12) consecutive weeks unless otherwise agreed to by the parties or to accommodate holidays. At the time of scheduling, Snyk and the Customer will mutually agree on the start date of the Residency Service. All scheduling is subject to Snyk’s resource availability at the time of scheduling.

  4. Residency Services will be scheduled and delivered during Snyk’s normal business hours 8 am to 5 pm, local time zone, Monday through Friday.

  5. A Residency “day” is defined as up to a maximum of 8 hours of remote Residency Services. Any unused hours or days do not roll over to the next day and expire at the end of the scheduled day of delivery.

  6. The Customer acknowledges that the Residency Services depend on collaboration with the Customer’s resources, and, therefore, will provide prompt access to its knowledgeable resources, relevant information, and systems, as mutually agreed upon to complete the work.

  7. The Residency Services will be performed in a professional and workmanlike manner, with knowledgeable Snyk consultants. Except for the foregoing, the Residency Services are offered “AS IS” without warranty of any kind.

  8. Residency Services are confined to work that can be reasonably completed within the engagement’s allocated hours. Such work may be incomplete and/or require further effort from the Customer to complete post-engagement. Additional consulting services may be purchased on a subsequent Order Form if the Customer wishes to continue to engage with Snyk consultants after the term of the Residency Services.

  9. All services and communications will be conducted in English language.

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