Project information

The Projects page lists imported Projects and information about the Projects, such as vulnerabilities and license issues. On this page, you can group, filter, and sort your Projects and activate, deactivate, change test frequency, or delete them.

Filter existing Projects

On the Projects page, you can filter your Projects by whether or not they contain issues and by the type of Git integration. The following filters are available:

  • Show:

    • With issues - displays only Projects with issues.

    • Without issues - displays only Projects without issues.

  • Integrations - displays the integrated Git repositories imported to Snyk.

To reset all filter criteria, click Reset.

Only active Projects with discovered issues are displayed on the Projects page by default.

View Project details

To view detailed information for a Project, click a Project entry. The page that opens displays the detailed Project information.

The following information is available:

View Project summary

In the header of each Project overview, you can view information about:

  • File and history details

    • Name and external link of the monitored repository

    • Name of the monitored branch

    • Direct link to the Project file in the SCM

    • The time when the Project was first imported to Snyk

    • The last time Snyk took a snapshot of the file that was fetched from the SCM and tested it

  • Project import

    • IMPORTED BY: The user who imported the Project.

    • PROJECT OWNER. You can add an owner for this Project from a list of users who have access to the Project by clicking Add a project owner. You can also view this information through the List all Projects endpoint in the Snyk API.

  • Predefined Project attributes and any additional Project tag metadata.

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