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Before implementing Snyk, please contact your Snyk account manager to confirm you have the appropriate license for your use case. They can advise on the best license type and access level based on your business needs.

The proper license setup ensures you can fully use Snyk capabilities without limitations. It also guarantees you remain compliant with our terms of use.

License questions

Your account manager is your go-to resource for any account-related questions or updates. Reach out to your account manager directly regarding:

  • Confirming your current license

  • Adjusting license quantity or scope

  • Renewing your license

  • Adding new products and features

  • Changing account access

With the right license in hand, you are set up for a smooth and successful experience using Snyk.

Most importantly, your account manager can confirm your Snyk license has been applied to an environment, has the correct naming, and is ready to be implemented.

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