C/C++ for open source

C/C++ for open source support

Package manager: NA

Package registry: No single registry, multiple sources

Import your app through SCM: NA

Test or monitor your app through CLI and IDE: Available

Test your app's SBOM: Available, pkg:generic

Test your app's packages: Available, pkg:generic


  • License scanning

  • Reports

Package manager versions: NA

Open source dependency management

Snyk features that support the management of open-source dependencies include the following:

Package managers / FeaturesCLI supportGit supportLicense scanningFix PRs




For information about managing dependencies and licenses from your developer workflows through policy, see the following

Open source license compliance

To check compliance for open source licenses, see Snyk License Compliance Management.

IDE for C++ for open-source dependencies

IDE Under Additional Parameters in the IDE settings, enter the --unmanaged option to scan for C/C++ open source dependencies.

Troubleshooting C++ for open source

See Troubleshooting C++ for open source. If you need additional help, contact Snyk Support.

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