API EOL endpoints and key dates


Beginning July 22, 2024, the following endpoints will follow the EOL process:

*Experimental versions from 2023-03-10 inclusive up to 2023-09-29 exclusive.


A brownout occurs when Snyk temporarily suspends an endpoint from being usable. returning a 410 gone response when a user calls the endpoint.

Snyk brownouts for APIs that are part of an end-of-life cycle will occur at 12:00 UTC. For the end-of-life cycle beginning July 22, 2024, the brownouts will occur on the following dates. Users will see a reminder two weeks before the brownout through an announcement on updates.snyk.io:

EndpointsBrownout dateDuration

Non-GA REST endpoints

Tuesday August 13

30 minutes

Non-GA REST endpoints

September 10

1 hour

v1 endpoints

October 8

1 hour

v1 endpoints

November 12

2 hours

v1 endpoints

December 10

4 hours

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