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Implementing Snyk provides an opportunity to enhance your application security. But how do you know if you're getting the most out of it? Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are essential measurements that track Snyk's impact and help guide your security journey.

KPIs give you valuable insights by monitoring key metrics at each adoption phase - from raising awareness to preventing new issues. They help you:

  • Assess progress toward security goals

  • Identify areas needing improvement

  • Demonstrate Snyk's value to stakeholders

Tracking metrics aligned to each stage provides tangible insights into what's working well and where improvements may be needed. KPIs help optimize your use of Snyk and progress your application security program.

Example metrics

These are just some potential examples of success metrics to consider. Analyzing relevant data points at each stage can provide insight into what's working well and identify areas for improvement.

Gain visibility

  • Percentage of Projects that have been successfully scanned for vulnerabilities

  • The number of critical and high-severity vulnerabilities identified

  • Mean time to complete the initial scan for a Project

  • Progress in prioritizing vulnerabilities by severity level

Prevent new issues

  • Percentage of pull requests or builds that are failing based on Snyk automation

  • Reduction in new vulnerabilities introduced after automation is turned on

  • Time taken to address blocked pull requests and resolve them

Build awareness

  • Number of developers who have been introduced to Snyk

  • Percentage of Projects that have been tested with Snyk during this phase

Fix backlog

  • Percentage of existing vulnerabilities that have been resolved

  • Mean time to fix vulnerabilities from the backlog

  • Number of auto-fix pull requests raised and successfully merged

  • Progress in using Jira integration for managing vulnerabilities and tracking fixes

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