Notifying the team

Set email notifications

Snyk can automatically notify you when new issues are found in imported Projects. By default, email notifications are sent for any newly found vulnerabilities, but notifications can be customized, for example, to send messages only for new High and Critical severity issues.

Snyk sends you a weekly update summarizing your security status across all of your Organizations.

Also, Snyk generates usage alert emails that warn you when you are approaching usage limits if you rely on the limited capacity of monthly free tests in one of your Snyk products. These are also often disabled during the initial setup period.

Configure notifications

Snyk suggests that you initially disable all email notifications so that users do not receive many notifications while Projects are being imported. This means disabling at the Group level for new Organizations and at the Organization level for all existing Organizations.

There are several methods to control email notifications based on the audience and the following factors:

  • Group Settings: Configure the default settings for new Organizations and get an overview of the current settings for each Organization.

  • Organization Settings: Configure the default settings for new users in this Organization.

  • Personal Settings: Users can manually change their individual settings to have precise control over what emails they receive for each Organization they have access to.

Users such as administrators can opt-in to email notifications in their personal settings.

When you are ready to enable notifications more widely, you can see the overview for your Organizations and enable them in bulk on the Group Settings page.

For demonstrations of choosing settings for Organization and individual notifications, see the page Configure notifications. See Manage notifications for detailed steps.

Announce Snyk to your teams

Introducing Snyk to your developers is the first step in building awareness of Snyk functions and how your developers can get the most out of Snyk. Typically, Snyk recommends disabling many of the potentially more intrusive features, for example, automatically raising PRs, until your teams are comfortable with Snyk use and results.

Introduce Snyk to your developers

This is your chance to get developers excited about better ways to introduce security into their work. If Snyk can make their lives easier, they will be more likely to get on board.

You can use the Announcement templates to communicate the Snyk rollout to the rest of the developers.

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