Ruby for open source

Ruby for open source support

Package manager: Bundler

Package manager versions: All Gemfile and Gemfile.lock are compatible with the Snyk supported Ruby versions

Package registry:

Import your app through SCM: Available

Test or monitor your app through CLI and IDE: Available

Test your app's SBOM: Available, pkg:gem

Test your app's packages: Available, pkg:gem


  • Fix PRs

  • License scanning

  • Reports

Open source and licensing

Feature availability Some features may not be available, depending on your plan. For more informatiiion, see Plans and pricing.

Platform-specific packages are not supported. If these are present in your Gemfile.lock, this can cause an invalid Fix PR to be created. If possible, use the non-platform-specific variant of a package.

Bundler support

Snyk supports testing, monitoring, and fixing Ruby Projects in the CLI and Git integrations that have their dependencies managed by Bundler and comparing the specific dependency versions against the Ruby vulnerability database.

Snyk tests all Bundler groups. It is not possible to exclude certain groups, such as test or development groups.

Manifest files supported with Snyk for Ruby

The following manifest files are supported:

  • Gemfile

  • Gemfile.lock

Snyk requires both files to be present to correctly test, monitor, and fix Ruby Projects.

Private Gem sources

If your Gemfile needs access to private Gem sources, see Private Gem sources.

Using private Gem sources should work normally when you are using the Snyk CLI.

When creating Fix PRs for Ruby Projects using private Gem sources, Snyk may need access to the service hosting the Gems to update the file correctly.

Fixing vulnerabilities in your Ruby Projects

For Ruby versions < 3.2, Snyk does not support pinning a specific version of Ruby in the Gemfile, for example, ruby "2.7.7". You must use a more permissive version range that encapsulates all point versions, such asruby "~> 2.7.x"

Snyk can fix vulnerabilities by updating vulnerable gems using bundle updateafter modifying your Gemfile, adhering to the rules you have specified there as far as possible.

In some scenarios, Snyk cannot upgrade all dependencies to non-vulnerable versions. In this case, consider updating the rules in your Gemfile.

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