Using CLI releases before version 1.1230.0 on an Apple M1 or M2 machine

Beginning with version 1.1230.0, the Snyk CLI supports Apple silicon, including M1 and M2 machines, so you no longer need the Rosetta 2 software, as suggested on this page. Snyk recommends always keeping your CLI installation updated to the latest version. You can check which version of the Snyk CLI you have installed by running snyk --version.

If you run releases of the Snyk CLI before version 1.1230.0 on an Apple M1 machine, you may see the following error:

$ snyk --version
bad CPU type in executable

On an M2 machine, you may see this error:

Unknown system error -86

To avoid these errors with releases of Snyk CLI before version 1.1230.0, install the Apple Rosetta 2 software:

softwareupdate --install-rosetta

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