GitHub - environment variables for Snyk Broker

The following environment variables are required to configure the Broker Client for GitHub:

  • BROKER_TOKEN - the Snyk Broker token, obtained from your Snyk Org settings view (

  • GITHUB_TOKEN - a personal access token with full repo, read:org and admin:repo_hook scopes.

  • PORT - the local port at which the Broker client accepts connections. Default is 8000.

  • BROKER_CLIENT_URL - the full URL of the Broker client as it will be accessible to GitHub webhooks, such as http://broker.url.example:8000.This URL is required to access features such as PR Fixes or PR Checks.

  • ACCEPT_IAC - by default, some file types used by Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) are not enabled. To grant the Broker access to IaC files in your repository, for example, Terraform, you can add an environment variable ACCEPT_IAC with any combination of tf,yaml,yml,json,tpl

  • ACCEPT_CODE - by default, Snyk Code will not load code snippets. To enable code snippets, you can add an environment variable ACCEPT_CODE=true

  • ACCEPT_APPRISK - enable Snyk AppRisk to identify your application assets, monitor them, and prioritize the risks. To enable Snyk AppRisk, add the environment variable ACCEPT_APPRISK=true

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