Kubernetes Uploader role template

This Organization-level role can publish Kubernetes Monitor and Insights Collector data to Snyk and is often tied to a Service Account.

Group-level permissions

This template is for an Organization-level role and has no Group-level permissions.

Organization-level permissions

To create this role, enable the following permissions in the relevant categories:

Kubernetes Integration management


Publish Kubernetes resources

The remaining categories of permissions listed below should have all permissions within them set to disabled:

  • Organization management

  • Audit Log management

  • Billing management

  • Collection management

  • Container Image management

  • Entitlement management

  • Integration management

  • Package management

  • Project management

  • Project Ignore management

  • Project pull request management

  • Reports management

  • Service account management

  • Snyk Apps management

  • Snyk Cloud management

  • Snyk Preview management

  • User management

  • Webhook management

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