Install Snyk Broker - Code Agent using Helm

To deploy the Snyk Broker Code Agent, you must set the enableCodeAgent flag to true. Ensure you have the proper entries in the accept.json file. Retrieve the example file for the SCM you are using from the Broker Client Templates repository. Ensure you have the additional entries as specified by the Snyk Broker Code Agent documentation.

An example command for GitLab follows:

helm install snyk-broker-chart snyk-broker/snyk-broker \
             --set scmType=gitlab  \
             --set brokerToken=<ENTER_BROKER_TOKEN> \ 
             --set scmToken=<ENTER_SCM_TOKEN> \
             --set gitlab=<ENTER_GITLAB_URL>  \
            --set acceptJsonFile=accept.json \
            --set brokerClientUrl=http://<BROKER_CLIENT_URL> \ 
            --set enableCodeAgent=true \ 
            --set snykToken=<ENTER_SNYK_TOKEN> \
            -n snyk-broker --create-namespace

The brokerClientUrl is is the address of the Broker Container. The default port for the Broker container is 8000. See the values file for more information.

The accept.json must be in the same directory as the Helm Chart. For definitions of the environment variables see Run the Code Agent container.

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