Artifactory Repository - environment variables for Snyk Broker

The following environment variables are needed to customize the Broker Client for Artifactory Repository:

BROKER_TOKEN - the Snyk Broker token, obtained from your Artifactory integration settings (Integrations > Artifactory).

ARTIFACTORY_URL - the URL of your Artifactory deployment, such as <yourdomain>

The following fields are optional:

  • Port: Omit if no port number is needed.

  • Basic auth: Omit if no basic auth required. URL encode both username and password info to avoid errors that may prevent authentication.

  • Protocol: Defaults to https:// This should only be specified when no certificate is present and http:// is required instead for your instance

ARTIFACTORY_URL format with optional fields: [http://][username:password@]hostname[:port]/artifactory Example:

Optional. RES_BODY_URL_SUB - The URL of the Artifactory instance, including http:// and without basic auth credentials. Required for npm/Yarn integrations only. Example:

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