IaC update-exclude-policy


snyk iac update-exclude-policy [<OPTIONS>]


The snyk iac update-exclude-policy generates exclude policy rules to be used by snyk iac describe.
For a list of related commands see the snyk iac help; iac --help
For more information see Ignore resources

Exit codes

Possible exit codes and their meaning:
0: success, exclude rules generated successfully 1: error, something wrong happened during exclude rules generation

Configure the Snyk CLI

You can use environment variables to configure the Snyk CLI and set variables for connecting with the Snyk API. See Configure the Snyk CLI


Use the -d option to output the debug logs.



Exclude resources that changed on cloud provider.


Exclude missing resources.


Exclude resources not managed by IaC.


$ snyk iac describe --json --all | snyk iac update-exclude-policy
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