Snyk IaC CLI test results (v. 1.939.0 and later)

The instructions in this section apply to any file format supported by Snyk Infrastructure as Code, including Terraform, Kubernetes, CloudFormation, and ARM.

Snyk CLI analyzes your configuration file for issues and provides information and advice on how to resolve the issues discovered.

For example, when scanning a Terraform file, run the following command:

snyk iac test

The results from running this command follow:

Snyk Infrastructure as Code

✔ Test completed.


Low Severity Issues: 1

  [Low] API Gateway access logging disabled
  Info:    Amazon Api Gateway access logging is not enabled. Audit records may not be available during investigation
  Path:    resource > aws_api_gateway_stage[denied] > access_log_settings
  Resolve: Set `access_log_settings` attribute


Test Summary

  Organization: demo-org

✔ Files without issues: 0
✗ Files with issues: 1
  Invalid files: 0
  Ignored issues: 0
  Total issues: 1 [ 0 critical, 0 high, 0 medium, 1 low ]

These results include a list of issues sorted by severity, where each issue reported includes the following details:

  • Heading - the issue that was detected and the severity level of that issue.

  • Info - a short description of the detected issue.

  • Rule - a link to the rule documentation.

  • Path - the property path within the configuration file where the issue was identified. See the example following this list.

  • File - the file where the issue is located.

  • Resolve - a short explanation of how to resolve the issue.

An example of the property path follows.

resource > aws_api_gateway_stage[denied] > access_log_settingsresource > aws_api_gateway_stage[denied] > access_log_settings

The following example represents the content of the aws_api_gateway_stage block, called "denied", which lacks the access_log_settings field:
resource "aws_api_gateway_stage" "denied" {
  xray_tracing_enabled = true

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