This tool provides the means to get the delta between two Snyk snapshots. This is especially useful when you are running CLI-based scans, such as in your local environment, git hooks, and so on.

snyk-delta compares snapshots to give details about:

  • New vulnerabilities not found in the baseline snapshot

  • New license issues not found in the baseline snapshot

  • Dependency delta between the two snapshots:

    • Direct dependencies added and removed

    • Indirect dependencies added and removed

    • Flag path(s) carrying new vulnerabilities


  • Snyk Enterprise plan (requires API)

  • Your project to be monitored


npm i -g snyk-delta


Grab a binary of your choice from the release page


You can use this tool inline, or as a standalone command.

Inline operations

Use snyk test --json --print-deps | snyk-delta

  • Possibly point to a specific snapshot by specifying org+project coordinates: snyk test --json --print-deps | snyk-delta --baselineOrg xxx --baselineProject xxx

  • Use --setPassIfNoBaseline if used with snyk-prevent_commit_status and the project is not monitored. This preventssnyk-prevent_commit_status from failing: setPassIfNoBaseline default to false snyk test --json --print-deps | snyk-delta --baselineOrg xxx --baselineProject xxx --setPassIfNoBaseline true

The BaselineProject value is expected to be a UUID, not simply a name Check your Snyk Web UI or API to retrieve those UUIDs.

Standalone operations

Use snyk-delta --baselineOrg xxx --baselineProject xxx --currentOrg xxx --currentProject xxx --setPassIfNoBaseline false

Usage as module

import { getDelta } from 'snyk-delta'

const jsonResultsFromSnykTest = Read from file or pipe snyk test command

const result = await getDelta(jsonResultsFromSnykTest);

Result is a number:

  • 0: no new issue

  • 1: new issue(s) or when using strictMode and the unmonitored project has issues (see more details in StrictMode)

  • 2: for errors like invalid auth

Actual issue(s) details will be listed on stdout.


-h to list help


When snyk-delta compares test results, it tries to find the same project, monitored on the Snyk platform. If no monitored project is found, snyk-delta returns all the issues found by the CLI scan, essentially acting as pass through.

The return code is 0 if no issue, 1 if issues.


Usage as a module requires list of issues coming from Snyk CLI. Currently snyk-delta is not compatible with data coming straight from Snyk APIs.


snyk-delta does not currently support the --all-projects option, but you can try using as a workaround until it does.

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