Invalid string length error when scanning projects

The invalid string length error can occur in the following situations:

  • Scanning many Projects at once using the --all-projects option in combination with the --json or --json-file-output=<OUTPUT_FILE_PATH> options.

  • Scanning a large Project using the --json or --json-file-output=<OUTPUT_FILE_PATH> options.

You can use the following workarounds to avoid the invalid string length error.

  • Remove the --json or --json-file-output=<OUTPUT_FILE_PATH> option. This may not be possible in integrations using the CLI, for example, CI/CD integrations.

  • If you require the JSON output, try increasing the severity threshold using the --severity-threshold=<SEVERITY_LEVEL> option. This is likely to reduce the number of less critical vulnerabilities reported and thus reduce the size of the JSON file output.

  • If you are scanning multiple Projects using the --all-projects option, try removing this option and scanning Projects individually.

For detailed information about the CLI options, see the CLI test command help.

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