Access requirements

When you are using Snyk applications like the CLI or IDE integrations, certain local and remote resources must be accessible. This documentation explains how to harden your system without affecting Snyk functionality.

Local filesystem

The required filesystem access may vary by product.

  • CACHE_PATH (Read,Write,Execute)

    • Windows: C:\\Users\\<USERNAME>\\AppData\\Local\\snyk

    • Linux/Alpine: /home/<USERNAME>/.cache/snyk

    • macOS: /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Caches/snyk

  • CONFIG_PATH (Read,Write)

    • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\\.config\\configstore

    • Linux: $HOME/.config/configstore

    • macOs: $HOME/.config/configstore

Network resources


  • api.<SNYK_INSTANCE>.io:443

  • app.<SNYK_INSTANCE>.io:443


  • (depending on used features)

  • (depending on used features)

  • * (error reporting)

  • * (analytics)

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