Incident Responder role template

This Organization-level role needs quick access to core functionality in Snyk to find issues of a particular type and make changes.

Group-level permissions

This template is for an Organization-level role and has no Group-level permissions.

Organization-level permissions

To create this role, enable the following permissions in the relevant categories:

Organization management


View Organization

Edit Organization

Remove Organization

Project management


View Project

Add Project

Edit Project

Edit Project status

Test Project

Move Project

Remove Project

View Project history

Edit Project integrations

Edit Project attributes

View Jira issues

Create Jira issues

Edit Project Tags

Project Ignore management


View Project Ignores

Create Project Ignores

Edit Project Ignores

Remove Project Ignores

Project pull request management


Create pull requests

Mark pull request checks as successful

Reports management


View Organization reports

The remaining categories of permissions listed below should have all permissions within them set to disabled:

  • Audit Log management

  • Billing management

  • Collection management

  • Container Image management

  • Entitlement management

  • Integration management

  • Kubernetes Integration management

  • Package management

  • Service account management

  • Snyk Apps management

  • Snyk Cloud management

  • Snyk Preview management

  • User management

  • Webhook management

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