Import Project with Snyk Code

Imported Projects are organized under Target folders on the Projects page, named after the Git repository account and specific repository. See Import a Project.

Configure the test frequency by navigating to your Code Analysis Project > Settings. See Snyk Code Analysis test frequency settings.

To do a manual test on your repository, you can use the Retest now option.

Re-import repository to Snyk

If you want to test repositories already imported to Snyk before the Snyk Code option was enabled, you need to re-import them (see Snyk Code conditions).

  1. Log in to the Snyk Web UI and select your Group and Organization.

  2. Navigate to Projects > Add projects.

  3. In the Enable Snyk Code section, change the setting to Enabled.

  4. Select the Git repository containing the repositories you want to re-import.

  5. On the Personal and Organization repositories page, select the repositories you want to re-import to Snyk. Repositories that have already been imported are indicated with a checkmark.

  6. Select Add selected repositories to re-import the selected repositories.

Your selected repositories are re-imported to Snyk. During the re-import process, Snyk Code analyzes these repositories, and a Code analysis Project is added to each repository, containing the results of the Snyk Code test.

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