snyk iac <COMMAND> [<OPTIONS>] [<PATH>]


The snyk iac commands find and report security issues in Infrastructure as Code files; detect, track, and alert on infrastructure drift and unmanaged resources; and create a .driftigore file.

For more information see Snyk CLI for IaC

snyk iac commands and the help docs

All the snyk iac commands are listed here with the help options:

  • iac test; iac test --help: tests for any known security issue

  • iac capture; iac capture --help: generates mapping artifacts by accessing Terraform state configurations

  • iac describe; iac describe --help: detects infrastructure drift and unmanaged cloud resources Example: snyk iac describe --only-unmanaged

  • iac rules init; iac rules init --help: initializes a new custom rules project structure, a new rule in an existing custom rules project, or a new spec in an existing custom rules project, or a new relation in an existing custom rules project

  • iac rules test; iac rules test --help: runs all the tests written in Rego

  • iac rules push; iac rules push --help: bundles rules written in Rego and uploads changes to the Snyk platform

  • iac update-exclude-policy; iac update-exclude-policy --help: auto-generates .snyk exclusions for cloud resources

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