snyk iac <COMMAND> [<OPTIONS>] [<PATH>]


The snyk iac commands find and report security issues in Infrastructure as Code files; detect, track, and alert on infrastructure drift and unmanaged resources; and create a .driftigore file.
For more information see Snyk CLI for Infrastructure as Code

snyk iac commands and the help docs

All the snyk iac commands are listed here with the help options:
  • iac test; iac test --help: tests for any known security issue
  • iac describe; iac describe--help: detects infrastructure drift and unmanaged cloud resources Example: snyk iac describe --only-unmanaged
  • iac update-exclude-policy; iac update-exclude-policy --help: auto-generates .snyk exclusions for cloud resources Example: snyk iac describe --json --all | snyk iac update-exclude-policy
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