Most recent version of the CLI that supports Node.js 4

The last version of the Snyk CLI that supported node 4 is 1.143.6. You can install it by running npm i -g snyk@1.143.6. Note that this version was released in April 2019, and there have been many significant feature and security improvements since then.

On April 30, 2018, Node.js 4 was officially marked as End of Life (EOL), and security updates stopped.

Snyk highly recommends that you follow a migration path to a stable and officially supported version of Node.js so you can receive bug and security fixes. Upgrade your version to at least Node.js 10 Dubnium, although Snyk recommends 12 Erbium, the latest LTS.

Snyk also recommends always keeping your CLI installation updated to the latest version. You can check which version of the Snyk CLI you have installed by running snyk --version.

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