Use options to customize the snyk test command

The Snyk CLI has many commands that enable you to perform various tasks and many options that enable you to customize the commands. For details, see the CLI help. This page explains how to customize snyk test to accomplish tasks you may want to do in testing Open Source Projects.

Scan multiple manifest files

For Projects that have multiple manifest files, specify the file that you want Snyk to inspect for package information by using the --file option:

$ snyk test --file=package.json

To inspect all of the files, use the --all-projects option:

$ snyk test --all-projects

Scan manifest files with custom names

If your manifest files are from a supported language but have a custom name, you can pass the custom name to Snyk by using a combination of the --file option and the --package-manager option:

$ snyk test --file=req.txt --package-manager=pip

Test dev dependencies

Many package managers allow for separately calling out dependencies that are to be used only in a development or test context, that is, not eventually shipped to production. By default, Snyk does not scan these dependencies. If you want your dev dependencies to be included in the scan, use the --dev option:

$ snyk test --dev

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