Group Projects by branch or version for monitoring

Release status and feature availability

Grouping Projects by branch or version is in Early Access and available only for Enterprise plans. The feature is supported for Open Source. In some areas, the feature is not fully supported.

For more information, see Pricing plans.

Your Project may have multiple states that you want to monitor separately, for example, branches, releases, or deployments. You can use the --target-reference option to separate Projects into these specific groupings.

--target-reference takes any text so you can combine it with a command to automatically set it to a value. Examples follow.

Set --target-reference to the current Git branch.

snyk monitor --target-reference="$(git branch --show-current)"

Use the latest Git tag.

snyk monitor --target-reference="$(git describe --tags --abbrev=0)"

You can adjust the option for the developer tools used in your project. Any valid Git target can be used.

--target-reference allows you to create sub-groupings on the Projects page.

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