Snyk Broker - Infrastructure as Code detection

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in Snyk Broker

By default, some file types used by Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) are not enabled. To grant the Broker access to IaC files in your repository, such as Terraform for example, you can add an environment variable, ACCEPT_IAC, with any combination of tf,yaml,yml,json,tpl.


docker run --restart=always \
           -p 8000:8000 \
           -e BROKER_TOKEN=secret-broker-token \
           -e GITHUB_TOKEN=secret-github-token \
           -e PORT=8000 \
           -e BROKER_CLIENT_URL= \
           -e ACCEPT_IAC=tf,yaml,yml,json,tpl

Otherwise, you can edit your accept.json, add the relevant IaC specific rules, and load the customized accept file into the container. Note that if a custom accept file (from a separate folder) is used (using the ACCEPT environment variable), the ACCEPT_IAC mechanism cannot be used.

Custom configuration through ACCEPT

See the following pages for instructions for information about detecting Infrastructure as Code files using Snyk Broker using the ACCEPT environment variable:

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