HTTPS for Broker Client with Docker

The Broker Client runs an HTTP server by default. It can be configured to run an HTTPS server for local connections. This requires an SSL certificate and a private key to be provided to the Docker container at runtime.

For example, if your certificate files are found locally at ./private/broker.crt and ./private/broker.key, provide these files to the Docker container by mounting the folder and using the HTTPS_CERT and HTTPS_KEY environment variables:

docker run --restart=always \
           -p 8000:8000 \
           -e BROKER_TOKEN=secret-broker-token \
           -e GITHUB_TOKEN=secret-github-token \
           -e PORT=8000 \
           -e HTTPS_CERT=/private/broker.crt \
           -e HTTPS_KEY=/private/broker.key \
           -e BROKER_CLIENT_URL= \
           -v /local/path/to/private:/private \

Note that BROKER_CLIENT_URL now has the HTTPS scheme.

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