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Scan using Snyk

You can use Snyk to scan and secure your codebase and cloud infrastructure configurations, taking advantage of the Snyk capabilities in Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA), and Infrastructure as Code analysis.

Snyk Open Source

Find and fix known vulnerabilities and licensing issues in your open-source dependencies.
For more information, see Snyk Open Source and Open Source Security Explained on the Security series hub.

Snyk Code

Scan your codebase for known vulnerabilities and get remediation guidance either inline in your IDE or by importing your code repository to Snyk Web UI.
For more information, see Snyk Code and Exploring the advanced technologies behind Snyk Code on the Snyk blog.

Snyk Container

Find and automatically fix container and workload vulnerabilities.
For more information, see Snyk Container.

Snyk IaC

Secure cloud infrastructure configurations before and after deployment.
For more information, see Scan infrastructure.

Working with Snyk in your environment

Implement a workflow to secure your code and infrastructure in your environment using the scanning methods provided by Snyk products.

Run pull request checks

Scan and automatically address potential vulnerabilities when you review pull requests, to prevent security issues in production.
For details, see Run PR checks.