View, add, and remove environments

To view all Snyk environments in an Organization, navigate to your Organization Settings (cog icon) > Cloud environments.

The cloud environments table displays the following information for each environment:

  • Name

  • Native ID (for example, AWS account ID, Google project ID, Azure subscription, CLI)

  • Kind (for example, AWS, Google, Azure, CLI)

  • Date onboarded

Add a cloud environment

To add a cloud environment, select the Add environment drop-down and select the cloud provider. Follow the steps in AWS Integration: Web UI, Google Cloud Integration: Web UI, or Azure Integration: Web UI to create the environment. This is not supported for IaC+ environment kinds.

You can also add an environment using the Snyk API:

Remove an IaC+ or cloud environment

To remove an IaC+ or cloud environment:

  1. In the Actions column, select the ... icon for the environment you want to remove.

  2. Select Remove.

  3. In the confirmation modal, select Yes, remove.

You can also remove an environment using the Snyk API.

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