Create a Custom Rules Project

What is a Custom Rules Project?

With the Snyk CLI, you can create a Custom Rules Project, which is a directory tree for your custom rules and rule specs. The CLI relies on its structure for testing, building, bundling, and uploading your custom rules.

To create a Custom Rules Project, you can use the CLI to create an empty Project or clone a pre-populated one, such as the snyk-labs/iac-to-cloud-example-custom-rules repository.

Option 1: Create an empty Project using the Snyk CLI

Use the following command:

snyk iac rules init

This command introduces a series of interactive prompts and allows you to set up your Project, rule, rule spec (for testing), and resource relations. ​​By selecting project and responding to the prompts that follow, you will create a directory tree.

Example output from interactive prompts:

What do you want to initialize? project
Project name: project1

Option 2: Get the IaC to cloud example Custom Rules repository

git clone

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