Use a local IaC custom rules bundle

Where the examples show bundle.tar.gz, you can replace this with your bundle name. For example,bundle-v1.0.0.tar.gz or ./bundles/team-bundle.tar.gz

In your Project folder, run the following command:

snyk iac test --rules=bundle.tar.gz

The configuration scan results now include issues from both the default Snyk rules and your custom rules. See Understanding the IaC CLI test results.

To troubleshoot a local custom rules bundle, enable debug logs by running the command with the --d options:

snyk iac test --rules=bundle.tar.gz -d

Some possible problems include:

  • Providing an incorrect path to the bundle or a path to a non-existent bundle. Ensure the path passed to the --rules option can be accessed from the current location. The error is

We were unable to extract the rules provided at: ./invalid/location/bundle.tar.gz
  • Providing a corrupted or invalid bundle. Ensure you have generated your bundle by following the instructions in Getting Started with the SDK. The error is

We were unable run the test. Please run the command again with the `-d` flag and contact with the contents of the output.

If you have found a discrepancy that you cannot explain, contact Snyk Support.

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