Snyk Learn Reports and Assignments


Snyk Learn Reports allow you to gain insights into which lessons and lesson categories users are viewing for each Organization.

Snyk Learn also provides reports for learning path completion where you can see which users have started and completed each learning path available.

All reports can be downloaded to a CSV file.


Release status

The Assignments feature is in Closed Beta and available only for customers with the Enterprise Plus package. For more information, contact your Snyk Account Executive.

Assignments streamline training management by empowering admins to assign, track, and manage learning efficiently. The Assignments feature enhances accountability by allowing customers to set due dates for completion and seamlessly integrate with organizational goals, ensuring alignment across training initiatives.

Using Assignments, your company can gain:

  • Efficiency: Save time and effort in managing and tracking training assignments.

  • Clarity: Set clear expectations with due dates for completion.

  • Security: Equip developers with the knowledge to write more secure code, mitigating risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Engagement: Promote active participation by providing personalized learning paths.

  • Compliance: Get help with meeting regulatory requirements through the timely completion of mandatory training.

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