Team Lead role template

A Team Lead is equivalent to the default Organization Admin role, providing additional capabilities to customize or change user permissions for other users. Snyk suggests duplicating the Organization Admin role as a starting point for creating this custom role. Sample permissions include the ability to Mark as Successful in Git repositories for pull request and merge request checks, with the ignore capability disabled.

This Group-level role has all Organization-level permissions plus the following additional Group level permissions:

Group-level permissions

To create this role, enable the following permissions in the relevant categories:

Group Management


View Groups

Edit Group details

View Group settings

Edit settings

View Group notification settings

Edit Group notification settings

Role management


Read roles

Create roles

Edit roles

Remove roles

User management


View users

Add users to the Group

Edit users in the Group

Remove users

Delete users

Provision users

Assign and unassign roles

The remaining categories of permissions listed below should have all permissions within them set to disabled:

  • Organization management

  • AppRisk management

  • Audit Log management

  • IaC settings management

  • Insights management

  • Issue management

  • Reports management

  • Request access management

  • Security and licence policies

  • Service account management

  • Snyk Apps management

  • Snyk Preview management

  • SSO settings management

  • Tags management

Organization-level permissions

This role should have all Organization-level permissions enabled.

You can set this quickly using the Enable all button in the Organization-level permissions section. Be sure to update the permissions using the button at the bottom of the section.

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