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Release status Application Analytics is currently in Closed Beta and available only for Snyk AppRisk Pro plans.

Contact your account manager if you are interested in Snyk AppRisk Pro.

The Analytics menu, available at the tenant level, represents a significant upgrade from the existing Enterprise Analytics dashboard. The new dashboard is designed to provide an in-depth analysis of your AppSec program, highlighting areas for improvement, emerging risks, and previously overlooked vulnerabilities to support AppSec managers and engineering teams.

Analytics is accessible using a new navigation point at the tenant level. The dashboard displays essential data such as the status and trends of open issues, control coverage, and repository metadata. It also shows the state of imported assets. It provides a comprehensive and at-a-glance review of information from different viewpoints, such as asset class, application, or team, with a global filter bar to enhance your experience.

Analytics is available at the tenant level. After you click the Analytics menu, you will see two available tabs:

  • Issues - provides data for the Enterprise users that are using the Snyk AppRisk Essentials offering

  • Application - provides data for the Enterprise users that are using the Snyk AppRisk Pro offering.

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