Preflight checks for Snyk Broker

The main objective of preflight checks is to catch errors and misconfigurations early, on Broker Client startup, rather than later during use. Whether or not the checks are successful, the Broker Client starts. The following checks are available.


The Broker Server Healthcheck validates the connectivity to the Broker Server. It performs a GET request to {BROKER_SERVER_URL}/healthcheck.

If it is not specified, BROKER_SERVER_URL is


The REST API Healthcheck validates the connectivity to the Snyk REST API. It performs a GET request to {API_BASE_URL}/rest/openapi. This check is conditional and will be executed only if high availability mode is enabled.

If it is not specified, the API_BASE_URL is


The Broker Client Configuration Check validates the BROKER_CLIENT_URL value to be as validated as possible. It verifies it contains a scheme (http or https) and if https, an SSL certificate+key is loaded or is possibly TLS terminated upstream.

If you are using TLS termination and you do not require a certificate+key in the Broker Client, add the environment variable BROKER_CLIENT_URL_TLS_TERMINATED to signal TLS termination in the preflight check.

There is no default.

You can use the environment variable PREFLIGHT_CHECKS_ENABLED=false to disable the Preflight Checks feature, so no checks will be executed when the Broker Client starts.

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