Step 3: Create and scan a Cloud Environment for Google (Web UI)

Recap You have created the Google service account for Snyk. Now you can create and scan a Cloud Environment.

To create and scan a Cloud Environment for Google, you must provide the Google service account's email address and your project ID.

  1. In the Snyk Web UI Add Google Cloud Environment modal where you downloaded the service account template, enter your service account email in the Service account email field. For example, ""

  2. Enter the identity provider in the Identity provider field. This must be a full URL including workload identity pool ID, identity provider ID, and project ID. For example, ""

  3. Optionally, enter an environment name. If one is not provided, Snyk will use your Google Project name.

  4. Select Approve and begin scan.

  5. You will see a confirmation message: Google Cloud environment successfully added. Select Add another environment to return to the Add Google Cloud Environment modal and onboard a new account, or select Go to settings if you are finished:

It can take Google 60 seconds or more to create your service account. If you try to create an environment immediately after you create a service account and you receive a could not validate credentials error, wait at least 60 seconds and try again.

What's next?

You can now do the following:

  • View the cloud configuration issues Snyk finds. See Cloud and IaC+ issues.

  • Prioritize your vulnerabilities with cloud context.

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