Troubleshooting and limitations for custom PR templates

Troubleshooting custom PR templates

If you encounter an error, check your template and follow these instructions.

Check template syntax

Ensure that the template is written in valid JSON syntax for API and mustache syntax for the YAML file. Any syntax errors can lead to unexpected behavior. Check the syntax and make any necessary changes.

Verify variable names

Review the variables used in the template and ensure they match the supported variables in the Variables list and description. If a variable is misspelled or not recognized, it may cause unexpected output or a fallback to default values.

Combination of YAML and API template

If you open a custom PR template with values from both the YAML upload template and the API template, this is the expected behavior. Refer to the order of precedence for processing custom PRs. If you do not want to see this combination, depending on your preference, either remove the YAML template or delete your API template.

Limitations of custom PR templates

Jira tickets in your PR

You can add Jira tickets to your PR, but Snyk is limited to those created using Snyk workflows, either UI or API.

Failure to open PR

If a PR cannot be opened, Snyk cannot identify errors when a PR cannot be opened.

No line between variables

When you are customizing the YAML file, it is possible that a new line will not be added between variables when two lines start with a variable {{}}.

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