Slack setup to connect Snyk with AWS Lambda

To enable Snyk to communicate with Slack, start by setting up incoming webhooks through Slack Apps. These are provided by Slack to enable developers to communicate with Slack.

To set up Slack Apps with a webhook, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Select Create New App.\

    Your Apps in Slack
    Your Apps in Slack
  3. Select From scratch.\

    Create a Slack app from scratch
    Create a Slack app from scratch
  4. Give the app a name like "Snyk".

  5. If you want to set the logo and an appropriate background you can download the Snyk logo here while using background color #1d1848.

  6. Select your workspace.

  7. With the Slack App created, click Add features and functionality.

  8. Select Incoming Webhooks.\

    Add features and functionality to Slack App, Incoming webhooks
    Add features and functionality to Slack App, Incoming webhooks
  9. Activate incoming webhooks in that page.

  10. Generate a webhook URL for the channel you want by clicking on Add New Webhook to Workspace

  11. Select the channel you want Snyk to post to. If you haven’t already done so, create a channel.

  12. When the webhook has been created, copy and save the webhook URL to use in the next step in AWS.

Generate Slack incoming webhook URL
Generated webhook with Webhook URL

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