How to obtain and authenticate with your Snyk API token

Your Snyk API token is a personal token available under your user profile. A token is required to authenticate with Snyk as an individual user and is also used in SNYK_TOKEN parameters. The Snyk API token is associated with your Snyk Account and not with a specific Organization.

Free, Team, and Trial plan users have access only to this personal token under the user profile. The personal token can be used to authenticate with:

  • A CI/CD integration

  • The Snyk CLI running on a local or a build machine

  • An IDE, when setting a token manually

Enterprise users have access to a personal token under their profile and to service account tokens. For details, see Service accounts.

  • Enterprise users should use a service account to authenticate for any kind of automation. This includes, but is not limited to, CI/CD scanning with the CLI or build system plugins and automations, including the API.

  • Enterprise users should use the personal token under their user profile for:

    • Running the CLI locally on their machine

    • Authenticating with the IDE manually

    • Running API calls one time, for example, to test something

For more information on the personal Snyk API token, see the following pages: Authenticate the CLI with your account and Authentication for API.

If you are using Snyk on the EU and AU tenants, you must set your endpoints accordingly before authenticating. For more information, see Regional hosting and data residency.

Follow these steps to obtain your personal Snyk API token:

  1. Log in to Snyk and navigate to your Account settings

  2. In the Account Settings, select General > Auth Token

  3. Click inside the KEY box to display your API token.

  4. Copy the token and save it in a secure location for future use.

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