Parameters for troubleshooting and providing your own certificate with Helm

For troubleshooting SSL inspection issues, you can set the tlsRejectUnauthorized parameter to disable.

--set tlsRejectUnauthorized=disable

To provide your own certificate (signed by your own CA), you can pass the file name to the caCert parameter. The file must reside within the Helm chart directory.

--set caCert=<CERT_NAME>

If you want your Broker to run as an HTTPS server, you can pass the files to the httpsCert and httpsKey parameters. The files must reside within the Helm chart directory.

--set httpsCert=<CERT_NAME> --set httpsKey=<CERT_KEY>

For more information about using your own certificate, see Backend requests with an internal certificate for Docker and HTTPS for Broker Client with Docker.

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